15.02.2019   12:00

#10yearchalledge #10EaP

"Togetherness os beautiful" (c)
I strongly believe the most fabulous achievement of the EU Ukraine cooperation is the Association Agreement establishment!
Since 2014 it has enhanced bilateral cooperation on:

human rights, fundamental freedoms and rule of law; political dialogue and reform; movement of persons; 

cooperation in a number of sectors, notably: 
-environment and climate action, -transport, 
-financial services, 
-public finances, 
-including anti-fraud, 
-agriculture and rural development, 
-fisheries and maritime policies, 
-consumer protection and civil society.

☑️The Ukraine's exports to the EU increased by 5.2% - it's only in the first year of the DCFTa action!

Celebrate 10th years of beautiful togetherness with EU neighbours east -

We enhance and celebrate it.